Friday , October 22 2021

New anomaly indicates the tombs of metal asteroids on the moon


Washington D.C, "There is something very strange and very dense below the surface of the Moon's polar basin, according to a new study. The unexpected big explosion was probably the remains of an asteroid buried on the surface of the moon, which seemed to be the reason for forming the basin.

The new hypothesis is based on data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission. When scientists combined the two types of data from the two missions, they saw a mismatch between the topography of the surface and the gravitational pull of the moon.

"Imagine having a metal stack five times larger than the Island of Hawaii and bury it underground, which is the amount of unexpected mass we detect," said study leader Peter B. James of Baylor University in Texas . statement reported on

So when the team of researchers saw an increase in the gravitational pull of the moon aligned with the environment of the Arctic basin of the Moon, scientists wondered if the anomaly could be traced directly back to the crater itself.

"One of the temporary explanations of this extra mass is that the metal of the asteroids that make up this crater is still embedded in the mantle," James said.

Another possible explanation for this anomaly is that the area around the anomaly is rich in oxide, which probably forms when the primordial moon magma is still in the process of cooling and freezing.

However, the process is formed, this discovery offers scientists an interesting idea, that is, these facts show that the inner part of the moon is not liquid. In that case, eating the gravity of the moon will pull the large lump into the center of the moon.

Reporter: Dean Syahreza

Publisher: Bernadetta Febriana

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