MU was expelled by Barcelona, ​​Mourinho: That's why the brackets of Messi


London – José Mourinho criticized Manchester United's tactics, which were knocked out by Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Red devils are called not confining Lionel Messi.

Manchester United have eliminated in the last eight with a total of 0-4. After losing 0-1 in the first match at Old Trafford, Paul Pogba and others fell 0-3 at Camp Nou on Wednesday (4/17/2019) early in the morning.

In the second step, the MU, which was supposed to rise, instead suffered due to errors. The two goals played by Lionel Messi, came from the error of Ashley Young and David De Gea. While the third goal of Barcelona was born from the kick of Philippe Coutinho outside the area.

Mourinho, who was fired by Manchester United in December and replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, criticized the tactics of his former team. The man from Portugal said that MU made many mistakes in defense.

"Many errors, many goals due to bad defense when anticipating kicks. You can see the goals of Coutinho, until Messi," said Mourinho. Russia Today, as reported Mirror

In details, Mourinho assessed that the error of MU was not put many midfielders in front of the area, so that Messi could move freely. Mourinho assessed the error because Manchester United tried to change the approach due to losing in the first leg.

"In the first leg, MU controlled the midfield well. [Messi] Come on, he'll find Fred and McTominay throughout the game. In this game [leg kedua], perhaps because MU lost, tried to start with a different perspective, "continued Mourinho.

"Then Pogba stiffened to the left, McTominay went to the right, and Jese Lingard threw the number 10 behind the striker. face, you're going to die. "

"That's why I'm not happy to put the players individually against Messi." "You have to lock up," Mourinho explained. (yna / yna)


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