Mona Ratuliu is attacked by fans of Nagita Slavina Because of Cueki's teeth, Raffi Ahmad's wife reacts


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Mona Ratuliu was attacked by Nagita Slavina fans because she had cheated Teeth, that was the response of Raffi Ahmad's wife.

Presenter Mona Ratuliu confided her experience when attacked by netizens because she was ignorant and indifferent to Nagita Slavina on Monday night (1/4/2019).

As is known, as a public figure, the behavior of Nagita Slavina never escaped the attention of the public.

In addition, this woman who is known as Gigi often shares her activities through her personal Vlog (video blog) and Raffi Ahmad.

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From that point on, the attitude of Nagita Slavina was also seen as a public figure, wife and mother.

No wonder Nagita Slavina has loyal fans who are even willing to create a social networking community.

Apparently, some time ago, several fans of Nagita Slavina had & # 39; attacked & # 39; Mona Ratuliu because they were considered traitors to their idols.

The "ignorant" attitude of Mona Ratuliu in Nagita Slavina occurred in February 2018.

At that time, Nagita Slavina and Mona Ratuliu attended the Cosmopolitan FM's birthday event and both won the same award.

In the program, Mona Ratuliu received the title of Mother with Resources, while Nagita Slavina won the prize of Entrepreneurial Mother.


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