MENOHOK COMMENTS Ari Wibowo to Ahmad Dhani until Mita The Virgin Convey This


TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – Actor Ari Wibowo apparently still remembers his rivalry with Ahmad Dhani on social networks in 2017.

At that time, prior to the DKI regional election in Jakarta, it was indeed crowded with the news that Ahok was referred to as a religious critic.

Ahmad Dhani also wrote about defenders of the Penista da Religion, to be spat on.

Ari Wibowo, as one of Ahok's supporters, at the time made his comment about Ahmad Dhani's post.

"How can I not be well? Is there no tablet to treat the disease?"

"It's sad to see a colleague who is sick. You want to help, but there's no cure like that … GWS hand …" Ari wrote in the photo statement he sent (7/3/2017), which was later deleted by him.

Responding to the insinuation of Ari Wibowo, Ahmad Dhani could write on Twitter.

Cuitan was eventually returned by Ari through postings to his Instagram account.

"Pliis is just patient, mano … The drug is still being sought … Be a real man, Face the exam with sincerity.

A small advice from sy when willing to be heard:


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