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Mars veteran researcher on how humans can live there

RAKYATKU.COM – Steve Squyres is a veteran of Mars research. He is the chief scientist for Cornell University's Opportunity and Spirit, a robot project on Mars.

So what is his opinion about building life on planet Mars?

"My opinion on this is no, I don't think so," he replied at Penn State University in 2019 during the Science Writers conference quoted by Geek Wire.

However, this does not mean that people cannot go there to travel. "For those who are super rich, they can travel back and forth," he said.

However, based on the problems Spirit and Opportunity experienced while operating on the Red Planet, coupled with Squyres' research experience in Antarctica and the Svalbard Islands in Norway, he was not convinced that Mars could be a place to raise families. because of several considerations, one of which was low temperature.

"If you want to build a house, build a store, build a community, build a city, no one will stop you. But no one is doing it. Why? Antarctica is a terrible place indeed. And Mars is much worse." ", he said.

Launch Space, the atmosphere of Mars 100 times thinner than Earth, is made up of 95% carbon dioxide, and there's a lot of colored dust everywhere.

"I guarantee you, when the first astronauts came back from Mars, and people said," How does it feel? "The first thing they will say is:" I hate the dust, " he concluded.

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