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Manipulation of floods, Anies is asked not to be ashamed of Sontek Ahok

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan called need not be ashamed to imitate the policies of former governor DKI Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok in the fight against floods in the capital.

"You do not need to be ashamed to learn from Pak Ahok, context just ask plant"This should be done from scratch," said DKI Jakarta DPRD Commission Vice-President Wiliam Yani, when contacted on Tuesday (4/30).

Yani explained that during the Ahok leadership, flood prevention was accomplished by dredging times. In the dry season, he said, heavy equipment is still on guard to keep dredging so that rivers and reservoirs retain more water.

"The dredging must be done before the rainy season, if it is dredged until late, has already flooded," he said.

In addition, Yani saw that in the Ahok era, each institution worked directly each time during a flood. He now mentions the lack of coordination between agencies in the DKI to overcome the floods.

"Dozens of people immediately clean it, PPSU (orange forces) exists, but is not significant. In the past it was Ahok there were dozens of PPSU and praised. Now it's different from before, like nothing, "he explained.

"[Penanganan] This flood is like autopilot, with no clear instructions. Coordination between Regional Work Units (SKPD) or not? If in the past there was a flood of Social Service employees, BPBD had already asked about their needs, "he added.

According to Yani, Anies must act and not just blame the flow of shipments. Anies was also asked not to depend on the central government project, ie the reservoirs in Ciawi and Sukamahi.

"If there is to be a two-year reservoir running, it will flood because it rains there. what do you do? Cook waits for the reservoir first – he closed.

In recent days, several spots in Jakarta have been flooded, such as Kampung Pulo, Rawajati, Pejaten and Cawang. However, the water gradually receded.

In his explanation, Anies said that the flood was the result of Bogor's water loading. Likewise with the garbage entering the capital that makes the situation more flooded.

Anies also said that the DKI depended on two reservoirs being built. Because, according to him, the resolution of the problem of floods in the Capital must be resolved upstream.

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