Luna Maya Admittedly not allowed by Barack's parents because of their bad timing


TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Actress Luna Maya finally opened her voice about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Barack.

When he was Nebeng Boy's guest star – the YouTube Boy William show – Luna revealed the reason he and Kingdom survived for up to five years, though they had not been blessed from the start.

"Yes, the name of the human being is trying to continue. Who knows there is a way, there is a change," Luna said in a video entitled "Luna Maya Openings in Boy William's Car!" As quoted by Kompas. with, Sunday (10/04/2018).

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Luna began to pour out his heart, saying that the main reason for him and Kingdom to decide to separate after years was because there were no blessings from the parents of Kingdom.

"It's not really okay," Luna said. "It was not a problem," Luna said.

"I'm not going to lie, I mean what happened to me in the past. From the beginning I also said, it will not be easy with anyone, so I already know, that's going to happen," he added.

However, Luna does not blame anyone. He respected the thoughts of Kingdom parents who definitely wanted the best for their son.

"In fact, no one is wrong beyond me, but in my opinion, the name of the parents is always the best for the children.

Suzzanna: Breathing in the Tomb says that every family or father must have different thoughts and he respects that.

"I really do not like my parents, like … giving opinions, yes, but those who do not share that are a bit rare. Because in the end, with that person, it's going to be you," Luna said.

"But for the families of other people, it is not necessarily possible to be like me." So maybe someone still thinks that if parents say no, they should be followed. want to try, we can not force it, "he added.

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Author: Andi Muttya Keteng Pangerang


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