Liverpool can never be going up after losing badly


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Liverpool overshadowed by bad newsletters can never rise after a crushing defeat before the second leg of the semi-final Champions League fight back Barcelona at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (7/5), local time.

In order to qualify for the Champions League final, the Reds must come back and win in the second match with a margin of at least four goals after losing to 0-3 in their first home game for Barcelona last week.

Breaking the Blaugrana with four goals is no easy task for Liverpool hosts. In addition, Liverpool have never had a good record of being able to rise after a crushing defeat in the first meeting of the European competition.

Quoted from the Transfermarkt in the Champions League, which was once called the Champions Cup in 1966/67, the Ajax Amsterdam was eliminated after a crushing defeat in the first match. At home to Ajax, the Red Merseyside team fell from 1 to 5. But in the second leg Liverpool can only draw 2-2 and lose in total 3-7.

Similar conditions occurred in the Winners' Cup of 1996/1997. In the semifinals, Liverpool faced the French representative Paris Saint-Germain. Roy Evans's team then had to play a game away from home with Paris and got a 0-3 defeat. Liverpool failed to qualify for the final because they won only 2-0 in the second match.

0-3 defeat of Barcelona weighed on the move from Liverpool to the final of the Champions League.0-3 defeat of Barcelona weighed on the move from Liverpool to the final of the Champions League. (Action pictures via Reuters / John Sibley)

Luck again experienced by Liverpool the following season (1997/1998) in the UEFA Cup, which is now called the Europa League. Liverpool's desire to enter the UEFA Cup Round of 16 was scored by RC Strasbrourg after losing 2 to 3 in total.

In the first leg against Strasbroug, Liverpool lost by 0-3. But in the second leg the Reds won only 2-0.

Liverpool can never get up after losing badly

Liverpool's only most famous comeback is in the 2004/05 UEFA Champions League final, but it was not a two-way match. At that time Liverpool lost by 0-3 in the first round but could force the game to end 3-3 and finally won 3-2 on penalties.
Liverpool's efforts to rise against Barcelona in the second leg later may also be more difficult after three players were declared absent in the game afterwards. Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Naby Keita are three players who are injured. (sry / jal)


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