Letters to Deddy Corbuzier to miss Islam


As a Muslim, I am happy to know that you adopt Islam. But this is not the end of all processes that lead to goodness. It is precisely the reading of his creed led by Gus Miftah Maulana Abdurrohman or Gus Miftah, which is the beginning of a long journey to improve his identity, which is in the language of Gus Mus, as an Indonesian nation that is Muslim.

In addition to expressing joy, in this letter I would like to recall what the eLSa researcher, Khoirul Anwar, said; about the ease with which a convert is affected by the appeal to radicalism. Because this group of converts is the favorite target of extremists to spread the radical Islamist teachings of violence and terrorism in Indonesia. This is none other than the seclusion of this lay group on Islam (The Jakarta Post, 2018).
The indication he found during the survey conducted at the Muallaf Center.

"I see signs that it is easy for converts to be influenced by radical teachings at the Muallaf Center.I have experience, in 2016, I met a young man who had just converted for six months and was very excited about Islamic Khalifah. "said Khoirul Anwar (The Jakarta Post, 2018)." It is a very difficult thing to do, "he said.

He added that the young man did not have a teacher to properly explore the teachings of Islam. Instead, the young man obtained Islamic information from the internet, met someone who would become his "brother" and helped him to know "jihad." (The Jakarta Post, 2018).

This statement by Khoirul Anwar is not the only information on the vulnerability of the group converted to the trap of radicalism and even terrorism. In several forums that discuss radicalism, I also often have the phenomenon of how easily "groups of people who only know Islam" are interested in radicalism and even terrorism.

Besides the reason for the lack of understanding of Islam, another reason is the euphoria of "new children" to know something. As people who are very proud when they have a new boyfriend, or someone who is new, can make lots of money that we usually call New Rich People (OKB). They will be very proud of your novelty.

Do not be arrogant

Because, basically, these & # 39; novelties & # 39; are pleasing to the heart, making us proud, in fact, can lead us to feel arrogant and slowly begin to blame other people who are different from us. In the case of converts, this new group will be interested in considering those who are not of their religion as persons who are no more noble than he.

Gus Dur once advised:
"If God facilitates prayer at night, then do not despise those who sleep."

"If Allah makes it easy for you to do the fast, then do not despise those who do not fast with scornful eyes."

"If God facilitates the opening of the door to jihad, then do not despise those who do not practice jihad with derogatory visions."

"If God makes it easier for you to earn sustenance for yourself, then do not despise people who are in debt and lack of fortune with a mocking and rebuke."

"If God facilitates religious understanding for you, then do not underestimate those who do not understand with contempt."
"If Allah facilitates knowledge for you, then do not be proud and proud of yourself because Allah is the one who gave you this understanding."

At different times, President Joko Widodo, in a different language, has a similar message:

"Seagrass sira sekti, eye mateni." (Even if you're powerful, do not drop it).

"Seagrass siro joke, eye ndhisiki". (Even if you're fast, do not always go over).

"Marine grass is intelligent, Ojo minteri." (Even though you're smart, do not be smart).

The essence of the ex-president's messages is the prohibition of arrogance. Perhaps you need to know that in Islam, the devil was originally a creature that inhabited the sky until, at last, pride caused him to be cast out into the world.

Choosing a Teacher

The second message is to be careful when choosing a teacher who guides you to study Islam as a whole. However, as you entered Islam under the guidance of Gus Miftah (with the permission of Habib Luthfi Pekalongan), I think this is the perfect step to start your journey as a Muslim.

Finally, as a warning, I would like to say that with this letter, this does not necessarily mean that the writer is preaching to you, Islam is better than you.

In fact, many of us have converted to Islam first because they were born to Muslim families and have taught Islam since childhood, so it is easier to accept all Islamic teachings.

Instead, I think your trip is "more exciting and winding." Like Prophet Ibrahim, who was able to reveal Allah on his journey, you met with Islam after the age of forty-two with a million spiritual experiences. I think this is very extraordinary. In Islam, because of this long search, the Prophet Ibrahim had privileges among other prophets.

But again, in all humility, I want to remind you, do not let this Islam, you consider your brother who is not an Islam, neither better nor worse than you. Because we have met many converts on Monday who converted to Islam and on Tuesday, he has been defaming religion and adhering to his previous religion.


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