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Land Rover relies on Discovery series sales


The Land Rover Discovery car, launched in Jakarta on Tuesday, carries a two-liter two-cylinder engine equipped with a turbocharger and capacity for seven passengers. (Antara / Imam Santoso)

JAKARTA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – PT Wahana Auto Ekamarga (WAE) as distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover cars in Indonesia is seeking the sale of the Land Rover Discovery car series for total British vehicle sales in the Indonesian market.

"The percentage of Discovery sales is still small, less than 10% of Land Rover's total sales in Indonesia. Of course, we expect increased contributions," Jentri Izhar, director of the Jaguar and Land Rover brand, said on Tuesday.

Land Rover Discovery is one of three Land Rover series, namely Land Rover Defender and Land Rover RangeRover.

However, Jentri was reluctant to mention the total sales figures for Land Rover cars in Indonesia in 2018.

"But our growth to date still shows a positive number compared to 2018," Jentri said.

Although the market share of Land Rover vehicles is small, Jentri is optimistic that loyal customers of next generation cars will be interested in the practical features offered by the new Discovery series.

"We are aware that the price of $ 2.5 billion is not a cheap price, but our market is very small," he said.

Wahana Auto Ekamarga also cooperates with Maybank as a financial institution to offer zero percent interest loans to potential consumers of the Land Rover Discovery two-liter four-cylinder engine.

Jentri acknowledged WAE's high expectations, one of which is Land Rover Discovery, which is fueled with increased fuel efficiency as a sales taxpayer in Indonesia.

In addition to economy engines, the two-liter Land Rover Discovery engine also features a seven-passenger cabin, a large luggage area of ​​up to 1,231 liters if two rows of rear seats are folded and an audio system with Meridian technology.

The latest Land Rover Discovery variant is capable of producing 300 hp at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm in the range of 1,500-4,000 rpm.

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