KPK Holds Suspicious Bribery of Talaud for Market Revitalization Project


The KPK detained the regent of the Talaud Islands, Sri Wahyumi Maria Manalip, suspected of alleged bribery of market revitalization. He will be detained for the first 20 days.

Sri Wahyumi left the KPK building, Jalan Kuningan Persada, in south Jakarta on Wednesday (01/05/2019), at 02:05 am WIB wearing an orange prisoner vest. He denied accepting bribes related to market revitalization projects.

"I'm Indonesian.I'm NKRI.Then I was brought here without knowing what it is. Because I do not accept. I was accused of doing, he said, I received a gift. So far the prize was not with me. I do not know. This item is not with me. I do not know. I am ready to prove that there is no item with me, "he said.

Sri Wahyumi was detained in K4 Branch KPK prison, behind the Red and White building. Two other suspects, Bernhard Hanafi Kalalo and Benhur Lalenoh, were also detained by KPK.

Bernhard was detained at the C1 Branch KPK Detention Center in the former KPK building. While Benhur was detained in Thunder Prison.

KPK has previously pointed to Sri, Bernhard and Benhur as suspects in alleged bribery of the market revitalization project in Talaud. Sri and Benhur were suspected of being bribed while Bernhard was suspected.

It was alleged that Sri received bribes in the form of goods and money, totaling 513 crore, which is rate 10 percent he asked. Luxury goods consist of:

– Chanel purse in the amount of 97,360,000;
– Balenciaga bags in the amount of R $ 32,995,000;
– Rolex watches in the amount of IDR 224,500,000;
– Adelle diamond earrings: Rp 32,075,000;
– diamond ring Adelle Rp 76,925,000; and
– IDR 50 million in cash.

Upon arriving at the KPK, Sri Wahumi said he was confused about being hit by OTT. He said he did not receive any awards.

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