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Klopp Reply Guardiola: Mane is not a diving man


Liverpool – Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp responded to his colleague Pep Guardiola's allegations about Sadio Mane. Klopp emphasized that Mane is not a diving player.

Guardiola's accusations were made after his team, Manchester City, defeated Southampton 2-1 in the English League on Saturday (02/02/2019). At the same time, Liverpool scored a dramatic victory at Aston Villa headquarters with a similar score.

In the match at Villa Park, Mane crashed after a duel with Frederic Guibert. Despite moaning in pain, the Senegalese star was marked by the referee for being considered diving or pretending to be falling.

This incident is like stating the person who dives into Mane's label. Because Mane won a Liverpool penalty when he beat Leicester City three weeks ago. There are many who assume that Mane falls easily, although he does not get significant obstacles from his opponent.

"Sometimes he likes to dive," Guardiola said last weekend. "Sometimes he uses his ability to score incredible goals in the final minutes. He is a talented player."

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