Juventus champion Ronaldo sets record for becoming king in 3 countries


BOLASPORT.COM – Sure Juventus have won the Italian League this season brings a new record for their megastar, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Juventus secured the Italian league title this season after beating Fiorentina on Saturday (4/20/2019).

Cristiano Ronaldo did not score in this match.

But Ronaldo's 19-goal contribution in the Italian league this season is enough to help Juventus win the event.

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In addition, Ronaldo also achieved a record as the first player to win the Italian League, the Spanish League and the English League at the same time.

Before joining Juventus, Ronaldo had beaten the Spanish league twice with Real Madrid.

Ronaldo also secured three Premier League titles with Manchester United.

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The transfer of Ronaldo to Juventus this season has made him complete the fantastic record.

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