Friday , October 22 2021

Jurus Irit Kuota Data Instragram Android


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Instagram is one of the favorite applications for sharing photos and videos. Unfortunately, the more the Instagram is used, the more data is sucked into loading photos or videos.

Fortunately, Instagram has a new feature that can help users save data quotas.

This feature is only available for Android smartphones and is specifically targeted to developing countries with limited Internet access.

The Instagram save mode can be activated through the Settings menu, then select "account" and then select "Mobile Data Settings".

Select the "Save Data" option by sliding the button to the right and turning blue.

Users can choose one of three options available to adjust the resolution in the Instagram feed.

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You can select the "Never" option, if you do not want Instagram to display high resolution images or videos, select the "WiFi only" option if you only rely on WiFi to upload photos or high resolution videos.

Option to save data quotas in Instagram The last option is "Mobile and WiFi" if the user wants to upload high resolution images or videos using mobile data and Wi-Fi quota.

This means that if you choose the last option, the photos and videos you upload will always be in high resolution. This save mode can be used by users in Indonesia as of June 5, 2019. Instagram says that this mode will gradually slide globally

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