Jessica Iskandar's sister confessed to being disappointed with the doctor who took care of her father


JAKARTA, – The brothers of Jessica Iskandar's host, Erick Iskandar, said they were disappointed with the manipulation of their father, who had been treated at a hospital in Jakarta.

Erick said his father's condition did not improve, even though he was in treatment for about a month.

However, said Erick, after being referred to a hospital in Penang, Malaysia, his father's condition gradually improved, although he had only been treated for three days and was able to return home.

"I am very disappointed with the Indonesian medical staff. Please try the health office, review Indonesian doctor. If it is unsuitable for practice, there is no need to practice better, "Erick said when he met in the Mampang area, south of Jakarta, on Friday (04/19/2019).

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According to Erick, the quality of medical services in Indonesia must be improved immediately in order to provide excellent service.

So, Erick continued, his family and other families would not need to spend money on medical expenses.

"Not even a billion, only if (medical expenses) is more than 500 million rupees, so imagine a month. How many rooms a day," he said.

"This doctor (in Penang) also does not know what he is doing, only he knows well (father), is what I want, the point here is that I want to say family already spend So much money, but what do you get? "

Earlier on Thursday (04/18/2019), Jessica also revealed her disappointment through her Instagram @inijedar account.

He said, his father had a surgical removal of a failed kidney stone. Not just once, but four operations at a hospital in Jakarta.

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