Is this the latest Suzuki Jimny Price, with 300 million rupees?


JAKARTA, – Suzuki Jimny is one of the most requested products to PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS). Because SIS exhibited this SUV at various automotive exposures in Indonesia, but was not open to the plan to sell the product.

After being assaulted over the photographic evidence of Jimny's loading and dodging him, now there is a new leak from the DKI Jakarta Samsat site. From the website of the Tax and Retribution Agency of Jakarta, there are two new codes in the jeep category of the Suzuki brand.

This code with the number 6GVX (4×4) is allegedly the code of the last Jimny to be present in the country. Of these data, the automatic transmission vehicle has a price of Rp 256 million, while the manual transmission costs Rp 246 million.

SIS itself has not yet commented on the pending information. PT SIS 4W Brand Development and Market Research Head Harold Donnel has revealed for some time that he had not officially opened Jimny's bookings.

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The value of the sale of the fiscal object of two new Suzuki units on the DKI Samsat websiteDKI Samsat The value of the sale of the fiscal object of two new Suzuki units on the DKI Samsat website

"We have not been legally retracted. If there is information that Jimny can already order, it will only be limited to the reseller's initiative and everything is still in process," Harold said some time ago.

Suzuki wants to participate in Jimny's production in Indonesia. This is because Suzuki's factories in Japan are overwhelmed with demand globally.

Indonesia's opportunity to become a Jimny factory is open because some components of the SUV were produced in Indonesia, such as engines and transmissions from Ertiga. In addition, Indonesia was considered right to produce Jimny because he once participated in Katana production.


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