Ink Assault Discount Center with Purple Ink Hunter Story


Jakarta – Today's purple paint discount hunters find the Blok M Plaza mall in southern Jakarta. They claimed to know the discount of information obtained in social media (social media).

One of the visitors, Alit said he chose the Blok M Plaza as a place to take advantage of the discounts because he had tried the integrated modes of transportation (MRT).

"It's here because it's over with MRT. If the rebates are really known on social media, the promotional ads are like that," he said. detikFinance, Wednesday (04/17/2019)

In addition, he explained that he had used purple ink on his finger to buy Chatime drinks that offered a free promotional promotion.

"I bought Chatime," he explained.

There is also, Mansur, who came with his family, said he chose to spend his time at Blok M Plaza. However, he did not know the discounts offered by the stores.

"This also accompanies the child and wife happens to be on vacation. I do not know, there is a discount, just know here," he said.

He admitted that he had just seen what products were offered in promoting purple paint. But he enthusiastically welcomed this event.

"Just look around. It's good," he closed.

Meanwhile, the government actually cooperates with several retailers, giving users discounts on voting rights. This was done to reduce the abstention rate. (dna / dna)


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