Indosat Ooredoo prepares a new transformation


Surabaya ( – Competition in the telecommunications sector is increasingly dynamic, coupled with the continuing and declining era of SMS and voice services, replaced by competition in data services due to digital trends that go into all aspects of human activities. Telecom operators are required to keep abreast of this competition in the market, so that they can still exist to provide the best service to customers.

On the other hand, all operators also have several internal problems that affect their performance in providing services to the community. Network quality and marketing strategies are important factors that influence this. In addition, all these challenges must also be supported by the existence of quality human resources to support the company's future performance.

Coinciding with the 51st anniversary of the company, Indosat Ooredoo and the new management team reaffirmed the launch of the company's transformation program focusing on People, Processes and Business. The transformation of people is the first and most important concern of the new management, because HR is the most important asset of the company and is the main driving force of the business. Without HR quality, companies will not be able to move forward.

"We recognize that HR is the most important asset of the company that should receive attention. That is why the People Transformation we plan to implement will be implemented in a number of key programs that include establishing value propositions for employees through People Development and Leadership Development to meet the dynamic business needs, and backed by a reward and employee relations strategy that is sure to retain, engage and develop future talent, "said Irsyad Sahroni, director and head of the human resources department at Indosat Ooredoo .

Irsyad Sahroni added: "Indosat Ooredoo is known as a talent producer for Indonesia's telecommunications sector, and through our affiliation with the Ooredoo Group we want to produce international talent capable of winning increasingly dynamic business competition. be achieved if employee-centered HR development ".

It is expected that the People Transformation Program will be a sponsor and driver of the company, which is faster in implementing various strategic plans and future corporate goals. Supported by a new management team, more massive investment commitments, and the support of several strategic business partners, Indosat Ooredoo is optimistic that it will win the competition in the future, provide better customer service and deliver the best results for all stakeholders . [rea/suf]


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