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In addition to Knock Knock, these are 4 hot weather erotic thriller movies

ALIVEKnock Knock, the film thriller The erotic that aired on a television station a few days ago has returned to the spotlight. The movie, released in 2015, was shared by Keanu Reeves, Lorenzo Izzo and Ana de Armas.

Knock Knock tells the story of a man helping two girls who get rainy. In fact, that night, his wife and son were on vacation and left him alone.

Two foreign girls suddenly knocked on his door one night. Soaked in the rain, they took a ride to dry and wanted to borrow a phone. Apparently the two girls have a sexual disorder that makes a male character starring Keanu Reeves trapped in a terrible situation.

Knock Knocklike movie thriller The erotic has its own atmosphere of tension. Film is labeled on average classification adult because vulgar sexual content and too intense horrors are not suitable for children.

Besides Knock Knockhere are some movies thriller erotic that is no less horrified and makes you cringe.

Basic Instinct

This old movie can't be left behind when talking about thriller erotic. Released in 1992, the movie stars Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Basic Instinct tells the story of a detective investigating sadistic murders involving a manipulative and seductive mysterious novelist.

The Boy Next Door

The movie, starring Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman, was released in 2015. It tells of a handsome teenager who recently moved into the home of a beautiful and sexy high school teacher. Both involved in the forbidden love that led to terrible violence.

Fatal Attraction

The film also features Michael Douglas and was released in 1987. It tells a married man who sleeps with another woman. One bad thing happened when the woman refused to be thrown away to terrorize the man and his family.

The perfume

This movie is a Korean. The story is about a detective who has the side of being a private detective involved with beautiful and seductive clients. The movie stars Park Si Yeon and Park Hee Soon.

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