Huawei denies helping Apple make the iPhone 5G

[ad_1] – Originally, Huawei said it is supplying 5G modem chipsets for the iPhone 2020. But the Chinese technology company has already dismissed the news. The 5G Balong 5000 modem manufactured by Huawei will not be sold to other companies.

This was conveyed by Huawei President Ken Hu at a meeting. According to Ken, Huawei did not have any kind of conversation with Apple about this.

"We (Huawei) had no discussion with Apple about this," Ken said briefly.

This statement contrasts with what Huawei CEO and founder Ren Zhengfei said earlier.

In an interview, Ren said Huawei would consider selling its 5G chip, the Balong 5000 to other smartphone vendors, including Apple, which is in fact its competitor.

Huawei Willes to Sell 5G Modems for Apple

"We're open to Apple in this regard," Ren said.

Cited KompasTekno in ReutersOn Thursday (04/18/2019), currently, Huawei may actually be cited as one of the technology companies that is "rising". Because Huawei is one of the companies that focuses and moves rapidly in the development of 5G networks.

By the end of March, Huawei had signed 40 contracts to build the 5G infrastructure in various regions of the world.

As one of the pioneers in 5G technology, Huawei also has a smartphone business line that is now in competition. In addition, Huawei also heavily buried a 5G modem in its mobile line.

Meanwhile, the opposite conditions are being experienced by Apple. The company led by Tim Cook does not have a smartphone that has a 5G connection.

The latest iPhone with 5G support will be released in 2020. To make its first 5G phone, Apple currently has Intel as the leading provider of 5G modems.

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But some time ago, news came that Intel had missed the deadline for the development of the XMM 8160 5G modem, which was planned to be incorporated into the iPhone.

That is, Intel is expected to not be able to meet the number of Apple 5G modem requests in time when the iPhone 5G is released in 2020. Thus, the launch of the iPhone 5G is threatened late.


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