Hold a luxury party in Bali, see how Aurel-Azriel gives birthday greetings to Ashanty


Hold a luxury party in Bali, see how Aurel-Azriel gives birthday greetings to Ashanty

Have a different way, like the birthday greetings that Aurel and Azriel gave their mother.

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Sunday (4/11) yesterday was a happy day for Ashanty. Wife of Anang Hermansyah is currently 34 years old.

To commemorate this, Ashanty seemed to bring her family to a party in Bali. He was also seen celebrating the moment once a year with a program that was quite luxurious. Warganet still had time to highlight the luxury of the village that Ashanty and his family used to commemorate their birthday.

Participating in the commemoration of his mother's birthday, Ashanty's stepdaughter, Aurel Hermansyah and also Azriel Hermansyah do not forget to say congratulations By uploading to Instagram in person, two of Anang's biological children were married to Krisdayanti they seemed to give birthday greetings in different ways.

In her personal Instagram on Sunday (4/11) yesterday, Aurel shared Ashanty's birthday celebration videos. Beginning by showing a birthday gift, a candle-blowing event, to a fireworks party that was made specifically for Ashanty's birthday.

In her photograph, Aurel congratulates Ashanty on her birthday, expressing her deep love. "Happy Birthday my love !!! I love you so much"wrote the 20-year-old girl.

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Not to be outdone, the younger brother, Azriel also gave a special upload to the celebration of his mother continued. While uploading a photo of her extended family that was celebrating Ashanty's birthday, Azriel also thanked her for the love she gave.

In addition to saying Happy Birthday, Azriel is also grateful for her kindness. "Mother, thank you for your unconditional love, unlimited patience, incredible warmth and endless support. Happy Birthday! # 411 (Mama, thank you for unconditional love, unlimited patience, extraordinary warmth and endless support.) Happy birthday, "wrote Azriel.

When uploading Ashtanga's Instagram earlier, this "Jodohku" singer also expressed gratitude for her age change. "For me, there are enough of them, husband, children, family, my team and my friends … who always have support and pray for … this happiness is irreplaceable with anything …"Ashanty wrote in her personal upload on Instagram.


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