He jumped, the stock price of Erick Thohir's company closes the decline


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – It jumped to 15.73 percent at the start of trading on Thursday (04/18/2019), the stock price of PT Mahaka Media Tbk (ABBA) closed down 8.43 percent in the first trading session after the election .

The stock price of Erick Thohir's media outlets closed Rp 163 per share today, down from yesterday's position of Rp 178 per share. Despite having been corrected drastically, the ABBA stock price still rose 83.15% in the last two weeks.

On Tuesday (04/16/2019), the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) revealed, there was an increase in prices and stock activities of ABBA that were out of the ordinary or unusual market activity (AN).

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"In connection with the occurrence of UMA on ABBA's shares, IDX is looking at the development of this stock-exchange pattern," said Lidia M Panjaitan, Head of Transactions Supervision Division and Irvan Susandy, Head of Operations Division and IDX Trade Management on Tuesday (4/16/2019))

IDX added that the UMA announcement does not necessarily indicate a violation of capital market laws and regulations. IDX asked investors to pay attention to the company's responses listed in the exchange confirmation request.

In addition, investors also need to analyze the recorded performance and disclosure of company information. Then review the issuer's corporate action plan if it has not received approval at the general meeting of shareholders (GMS).

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Finally, before making investment decisions, investors also need to consider several possibilities that may arise later. (Wahyu Tri Rahmawati)

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