Get ready, this asteroid will stop on Earth

[ad_1], Jakarta – NASA is currently preparing to welcome the arrival of asteroids that will land on Earth for the next 10 years.

99942 Apophis or Apophis, supposed to be very close to the earth. When astronomers at the Kitt Peak National Observatory discovered this asteroid, they counted at least 2.7 percent of the asteroid's chance of reaching Earth.

It is not large and safe, of course, but this asteroid will contribute much to science later.

Apophis is expected to approach Earth on April 13, 2029, with a width of about 340 meters and is located 33 kilometers from the Earth's surface, as quoted Gizmodo, Tuesday (07/05/2019).

In comparison, the distance between the moon and the earth is only 384 thousand kilometers, so it is certain that this asteroid can be seen by humans with very fast movements. Scientists welcome this good news with joy.

"Let's look at this asteroid with an optical radar telescope. With radar observation, we can see its surface details with a size range of only a few meters," said Marina Brozovic, a researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


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