General Police Response on Mahar Syahrini Rp. 40 M, Here's an Explanation of Inces Barack's Wife


SURYA.CO.ID – The response of Brigadier General Krishna Murti on the matrimonial dowry of singer Syahrini from her husband, Barack Obama, worth 40 billion yen, was more viral news in recent days.

Brigadier General Krishna Murti is a Polri graduate officer who served as Director of Criminal Investigation in the Metro Jaya Regional Police and Chief of the Lampung Regional Police who is currently the Head of the International Division of Mission of the International Relations Division and Deputy Commander of the Football Mafia Eradication.

On the other hand, Syahrini, who is familiarly called Inces, explained that dowry is the pride of a woman.

As it is known, two weeks after the wedding, Syahrini and Barack Kingdom continued to attract the attention of netizens (warganet).

Married in Japan, many are curious about the dowry or dowry of Barack Kingdom.

According to information, the dowry of the Kingdom reached the figure of 40 billion rubles.

However, Kingdom said it only gave dote a set of prayer and ring tools.

It's just that the ring given by Reino is worth billions of rupees.

Well, he was busy with the dowry that finally made Syahrini open his voice.

He revealed that dowry is the pride of a woman.


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