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For people who still drink coffee, although they know the taste is bitter

Jakarta – Of all the tastes that can be felt by the tongue, bitter is one of the flavors that most people do not like. However, there are some exceptions, where sometimes the bitter taste is actually a special attraction, for example, in the cafe.

The habit of drinking coffee every day brings good benefits


Black coffee is an example because it is bitter, but it is still used by many people. Why that? According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Northwestern University, this is related to genetics.

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Senior researcher Marilyn Cornelis has found that people who are sensitive to bitter actually consume more black coffee than the general population. Why is this possible because sensitive people can connect the bitter taste of coffee with something positive?

This means that people deliberately seek bitter black coffee for satisfaction.

"On the contrary, they develop a sense of taste or the ability to detect bitter caffeine because it can get a positive boost," said Marilyn, quoted by Live Science on Sunday (11). / 18/2018).

Black coffee itself is a beverage that is often referred to as having several types of benefits when taken with control. A study in the Journal of Hepatology mentions that black sugar-free coffee may reduce the risk of fibrosis or the early phase of liver hardening.

"In the coffee they contained antioxidants," said Annisa Maloveny of the Hermina Grandwisata Hospital in an interview with detikHealth some time ago. "Antioxidants neutralize oxidants by protecting cells in the body and protecting against diseases like cancer and heart," he continued.

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