Finding Irwan Mussry on Maia Estianty's Children's Birthday – Ahmad Dhani's Attitude Becomes Highlight


Ahmad Dhani and Irwan Mussry meet on Maia Estianty's children's birthday, this genuine attitude becomes prominent

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – There are facts that have just been revealed about the relationship of Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry.

This musician Maia Estianty met Ahmad Dhani and Irwan Mussry on the birthday of Al Ghazali's eldest son.

This fact was only revealed when Maia Estianty was present at the 2018 Silet Awards on Monday night (11/12/2018).

At that time, Maia Estianty arrived wearing the same wedding dress when she was married to Irwan Mussry.

The presence of Maia Estianty, who is now legitimate, is the wife of Irwan Mussry and a surprise to the public.

A look on his face and a happy smile could not be lost from the face of Maia Estianty, the wife of Irwan Mussry.

Even Raffi Ahmad and Ayu Dewi as host were also happy.

Then, Raffi Ahmad and Ayu Dewi revealed the romantic portraits of Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry that were never published.

Some of these portraits include when Irwan Mussry was seen with the three children Maia Estianty, Al El Dul.

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