Finally Luna Maya invited Syahrini to the wedding reception with Barack? This is the leak.


SURYA.CO.ID – Is it true that artist Luna Maya was invited by singer Syahrini during her wedding reception with Barack Barack in April 2019?

This question is now a viral conversation among the netizens' enemies (hatters) and fans (lovers) Syahrini and Luna Maya.

As is known, Syahrini finally married Barack Kingdom, who was the former lover of Luna Maya. Syahrini is Luna Maya's old friend.

If Maya Moon had uploaded Instagram with the words "friends eating friends," Syahrini had a romance with Barack Kingdom.

Luna Maya denied that the upload was not a satire for Syahrini, but Luna Maya fans already believed in the satire of "friends eating friends."

Now when Syahrini is going to hold a wedding reception in Indonesia, the question of whether Syahrini will invite Luna Maya to his wedding reception with Barack's Kingdom is a conversation.

From the look of tarny expert Denny Darko, several netizens predicted that Syahrini would invite Luna Maya and the ex to finally get married to Syahrini and Barack Kingdom.

Who is the list of people who will be invited by Syahrini at his wedding reception with Barack Barack, including Luna Maya?

Denny Darko gave the following explanation.

Yes, it is expected that the wedding reception of Syahrini and Barack Kingdom will return to revelation.


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