Sunday , April 18 2021

Extraordinary, Kristine is able to run 10 km in the Borobudur Marathon with 8 months of pregnancy condition

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – The heroic story of Jaime Sloan, a mother in the United States who continues to pump breast milk while running for her baby, has caught the eye of the world.

The heroic history of the sports race also took place at the Borobudur Marathon Bank Jateng in the Borobudur Temple area in Magelang on Sunday (11/18/2018) yesterday.

Kristine Sitohang (36), one of the participants, was eight months pregnant while she was following the marathon.

Even with a swollen stomach, Kristine managed to finish the 10K category.

"I'm not an athlete but I breed lovers, I'm used to running, even ultramarathons," said Kristine, proudly showing the Borobudur Marathon 2018 Bank Central Java medal.

For Kristine, there is no special preparation to follow the event held by the Central Java Provincial Government, supported by the Central Bank of Java and the Kompas Daily.

He routinely runs at least 3 miles every day. "The preparation is just a small race, at least 3km every day. You must run, so that later (after maternity leave) do not be surprised to start running again," he said.

He was grateful, throughout the exercise, the condition of the fetus and its uterus remained healthy. Even if you're used to it, Kristine still visits her doctor first.

"Keep on consulting the doctor first, if you're physically fit, that's fine. The key is just getting used to it," he said giving tips to pregnant women who want to exercise.

Kristine said she was inspired by a Malaysian friend who still ran despite being in two bodies.

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