Eve, here are 4 causes of your weight increasing when menstruation


Home – When menstruating or menstruating some women feel that they are gaining weight. This is indicated by a stomach that feels fatter than usual. Apparently, it's not just a feeling.

"Usually the weight increases by 0.5 to 1.3 kg," said Cleveland Clinic gynecologist Monica Svets, MD.

For this reason, there are some common causes of weight gain during menstruation that need to be known so that you can predict obesity. Something?

Hormonal change triggers the body to retain water

For menstruation, your body may feel bloated and full. This is not just a feeling. In fact, the body will retain water during menstruation, which causes you to get fuller and increase your body weight.

"Fluctuations in the hormones secreted by the adrenal gland called aldosterone cause water retention (excessive accumulation of fluid in the body)" Svets.

However, you do not have to worry. According to gynecologists at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Angela Chaudhari, MD, water retention in your tissue will be eliminated automatically after the decline in hormone levels.

Are you experiencing the craving for food?

I often feel like eating chocolate, cheese and ice cream during menstruation. This is a very normal thing. The desire to eat fast food that frustrates the diet will actually be greater when it comes to the month.

But researchers still do not know why women experience the desire to eat before menstruation.

"So far as we know, high levels of progesterone during menstruation seem to affect, so that before menstruation women may be more motivated to eat foods high in fat, salt, and sugar" , said Dr. Chaudhari

But you should not be easily incited by hormones. Continue to apply a healthy diet during menstruation. Because, according to Dr. Chaudhari, eating lots of sweets will reduce your energy. If you want to satisfy your language, it is best to choose bitter chocolate or peanut butter that is low in sugar and salt compared to other sugar-rich snacks.

You are not powerful enough to play sports.

Honestly, the desire to get out of bed and exercise is difficult during menstruation. This is an explanation. According to Dr. Chaudhari, at the onset of menstruation, your hormone levels will decrease at once. This causes women to have less energy.

If this is combined with the intake of foods rich in fat and sugar, the effect is naturally the waist circumference becomes more filling. But, you should still take the time to move. Several studies show that exercise can reduce PMS symptoms and menstrual pain.

Also, if you feel that your body weight is heavy, both during menstruation and on other occasions, the only way to improve it is to move.

The digestive tract is not working properly

"Your hormones (especially progesterone) are the cause of flatulence and gas," said Dr. Chaudhari. Menstruation can also trigger changes in bowel movements that make you feel uncomfortable.

The best way to deal with constipation and other stomach problems, continued Dr. Chaudhari, is to increase water intake, move more actively and consume lots of fiber. (liputan6.com/Salimah)
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