Eating processed foods can be a more difficult cause to lose weight

[ad_1] – Processed foods in various forms are one of the things we can not avoid consuming now. Good because it looks sticky on the tongue or because of its practicality.

Although practical, but as it is well known, processed foods are also associated with the emergence of various diseases. A recent study showed that consumption of processed foods can cause more calories to enter, making people gain weight more easily.

Reporting from the Medical Daily, this survey first shows a direct relationship between these two things. This is known after comparison with people who consume processed foods with small amounts.

These processed foods are classified as foods that are mostly made through the food industry. This content includes oil with hydrogen, fructose, flavoring and emulsifying corn syrup.

This research was done on a small scale with 20 participants. Participants were asked to consume certain types of food before seeing how the results to find the correct relationship of these two things.

"By examining small groups, the results of this highly targeted experiment show clear and consistent differences between the two eating patterns," said Dr. Kevin D. Hall, Ph.D., lead author of the study.

"This research is the first to show the relationship that processed foods can cause a person to consume too many calories and gain weight," he continued.

Hall said he needed to know what specific aspects of processed foods affect a person's diet and cause weight gain. The next step is to experiment to see what changes can make the effect of this diet on calorie and body weight intake go away.

"Over time, increasing calories and weight can lead to serious health problems," explained NIDDK Director Griffin P. Rodgers, MD.

"Research like this is important in understanding the role of nutrition in health and can also help someone to know which foods are nutritious and readily available to help people be healthier in the long run," he said. [RWP]


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