Dewi Perssik's lie about Rosa Meldianti's father begging to make peace was revealed by his nephew


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Dewi Perssik revealed Rosa Meldianti's father begging to make peace so his son would not be arrested. But Meldi called it a lie.

In fact, Dewi Perssik called the father of Rosa Meldianti, prepared to beg the princess not to go to prison.

Dewi Perssik's statement was revealed by commenting on one of Instagram's posts. Not only that, Dewi Perssik even mentioned that Rosa Meldianti's father had pawned the Police Decree for 200 million rupees.

This is revealed after the Lambe Turah account uploaded the Dewi Perssik Instastory post, Monday (01/04/2019).

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Dewi Perssik even insinuated Rosa Meldianti as a sick and crazy person.

"A crazy and sick person will not feel crazy, GWS is crazy, hand, kasian mbak santi" wrote Dewi Perssik

The indictment was immediately denied by Rosa Meldianti.

Rosa Meldianti said that her father did not do it.

Screenshot of the Whatsapp message shows that Rosa Meldianti did not contact the police.

Never call the police, lie"Said Rosa Meldianti


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