Deep Message from Luna Maya at the Anniversary Moment of Ex-Kingdom Beloved Husband Barack Syahrini


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Deep Message of Luna Maya at the Anniversary Moment of Ex-Kingdom's Beloved Husband, Syahrini's Husband

Not only Syahrini, a former lover of Barack Kingdom, Luna Maya was also in the spotlight when the Kingdom celebrated its 35th anniversary yesterday, Friday (06/21/2019).

On his birthday yesterday, Kingdom Barack was not seen celebrating with a party because he and Syahrini were still on vacation abroad.

Another proof that the entrepreneur's birthday is not celebrated through a party is to upload into your feed on Instagram.

Barack just sent a photo of himself swimming in the ocean photographed by Syahrini on Saturday (06/22/2019).

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Syahrini and Barack Kingdom are known through their uploads on the Instagram on honeymoon from New Zealand, Bora-Bora, to Sydney.

At the age of 35, Barack has won extraordinary achievements in his career.

Launch of Grid.ID news, (airing on March 7, 2019) Kingdom Barack is known to have been born the son of a family of Japanese conglomerates who successfully built his own business career.

Barack is known for holding and controlling 4 private television stations in the country.

Not only that, Kingdom Barack also has several cuisines and restaurants known in the Jakarta area.


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