Deddy Corbuzier does not have a Muslim shirt yet

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Deddy Corbuzier was confused about Muslim clothing.

He, who now embraced Islam, was confused because he thought he did not have the right clothes.

He also had time to ask this question to his spiritual teacher.

"Then I ask," What kind of clothes, bro? I do not have Muslim clothes. "I have to buy it first," said Deddy Corbuzier as he visited Ma'am Auf's residence in Menteng, central Jakarta, on Friday (06/21/2019).

However, Gus Miftah suggested that Deddy need not rush.

He could wear the clothes he had before.

"But if Gus Miftah says, before, you want to use whatever it is, the important thing is to close the genitals," he said.

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Gus Miftah also remembered that Deddy did not need to wear a skull cap.

The most important thing is to trust in God.

"I say that Islam has no formality." You do not have to use the skull cap, the important thing is that you have the most important and trivial beliefs, "said Gus Miftah, who was received on the same occasion.

"It turned out to be much criticized for being him.I see that person is a perfectionist.Everything should be perfect, even the smallest things are noticed," he said.

Deddy Corbuzier said two creed phrases on Friday afternoon (06/21/2019).

The father of a son revealed for the first time on the channel Youtobe, that he was studying Islam.


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