Death of Air Power and the Collapse of Apple Reputation


iPhone X. © 2017 – It seems that many fans of Apple Fanboys or Apple are waiting for the arrival of AirPower, a versatile wireless charger that can be used to charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously.

But finally it appeared The news surprising, where Apple canceled AirPower. The first report came from TechCrunch, where Apple's vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio apologized and said AirPower did not meet Apple's standards.

AirPower itself was launched on September 12, 2017, along with the introduction of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Scheduled, AirPower will be launched next year, that is, 2018. But throughout the past year there has been no news.

Apple initially still had hope for this gadget. Starting with the latest pictures from AirPower, which is charging the iPhone XS from Apple's Australia site. Even in the last AirPods box, there is a diagram that shows how to paint AirPods on AirPower.

But all of that suddenly disappeared when Apple officially canceled and we will never see AirPower again.

Why does AirPower not meet Apple standards?

As stated by Dan Riccio's statement, "Despite much effort, AirPower did not meet Apple's high standards," of course there are problems behind it.

Investigated, Apple has revealed that problems occur in the 3D coils within the AirPower block.

Apple presented a rather ambitious design with the concept of a wireless charger that could charge three different products at the same time. Of course, when the coils or coils of wire that we know from cordless chargers are too close to each other, the charger and the device may overheat and in bad situations may explode.

Apple's reputation is down

The shutdown of AirPower certainly affected Apple's reputation. The reason is that ordinary people see the AirPower device as a "simple" gadget and many third-party brands out there. But behind it all, the public and even Apple itself did not realize that AirPower's innovation really did not make sense to put into practice.

According to a technology analyst, Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities, launching the Phone Arena, this is "hurt for Apple." Because not only this technology was introduced along with the revolutionary iPhone X, this technology was promoted directly by Tim Cook.

In addition, Apple did not quickly cancel AirPower. Apple was almost a year late for the launch, and finally AirPower was canceled almost two years after its introduction.

According to Ives, Apple would not lose financially, but Apple's golden reputation was hit hard.

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