Complete Chronicle of Robbery 21 Urns by PPS President in Banyumas


PURWOKERTO, – Electoral Supervision Agency (Bawaslu) Banyumas, Central Java, has found allegations of violations of the destruction of 21 ballot boxes stored in the Patikraja District Committee of Elections (PPK) warehouse, Banyumas Regency, Central Java.

The damage was allegedly carried out by the Chairman of the Sidabowa Village Polling Committee (PPS), Patikraja District, Banyumas, with the initials EL and their initial members TS, on Friday (04/19/2019) at night .

The following is the complete chronology of the 21 cases of assault in Banyumas.

– President of EL PPS and its TS members Open the ballot box stored in the storage depot at Notog Village Hall, Patikraja district, Banyumas Regency, Central Java.

The two people opened the polls as a result of the vote in 21 polling stations in Sidabowa Village, Patikraja Subdistrict, Banyumas, cutting the urn stamp using scissors.

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– The two men took the C1 disguise from the ballot box as a result of the presidential election vote when recapitulation of sub-district votes was taking place on the same site.

The action was known by one of the political party's witnesses to be recapitulated at the sub-district level. The witness saw signs of suspicion that the two people opened the urns in the warehouse.

– Both claimed to take the covers of 21 ballot boxes to synchronize the acquisition of sound results to be inserted into the request for votes.

The suspect allegedly opened the urn and took the cover of C1 based on information from the WhatsApp Group which was delivered by the head of the local PPK.

– The cover of C1 that had been interposed by the two alleged authors was still intact. The alleged assailant may not have opened the cover because, when they returned home, they were asked to return to the warehouse.

– Bawaslu examines suspected cases of theft at the warehouse in Notog Village Hall, Patikraja district, Banyumas Regency, Central Java.

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Suspected perpetrators may be arrested by articles 534 and 535 of Law 551 Law of 7 of 2017 on Elections and Article 363 paragraph (1) of the Penal Code. If it is proved that the violations of the electoral agreement are carried out by Gakkumdu, the general criminal case will be submitted to the police.


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