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Commentators are actually paid to speak

Manchester – Paul Pogba responded to Roy Keane's criticism. The Manchester United midfielder responded with no less sharp comments.

Pogba's performance this season received a lot of criticism. A commentator Sky SportsGraeme Souness even suggested that MU sell Pogba.

Keane is no less blunt in criticizing Pogba. Not only questioning Pogba's sincerity when he apologized after Everton's humiliation, the former Manchester United captain also called the Frenchman a problem for his team.

Pogba responded casually to the criticisms directed at him. Asked about Keane's criticism, the 26-year-old said he was not too worried.

"They're paid to talk in front of the camera, I just focus on what happens on the field," Pogba said. RMC as quoted ESPN FC.

"They can say what they want, they get paid for it."

"I'm not paid to talk, I'm paid to be on the pitch and fight for my team, that's all," he said.


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