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Chairs to be counted in Parliament

The PDIP talks about the Indonesian Labor Coalition (KIK), which is in the results quick count The 2019 legislative election is expected to gain about 60% of the vote and is said to dominate parliament. The Democratic Party of Wasekjen (PD) Andi Arief called the domain in the DPR not based on the acquisition of votes.

"The president will be a matter in parliament. It's not a vote," Andi Arief told reporters late Monday (04/29/2019).

Andi Arief said it was too early if someone claimed to be in control of parliament. He recognized KIK in a voice in the 2019 legislative election – quick count– in fact, it dominates, but in relation to the acquisition of DPR seats, according to him, there are still other calculations.

"It's too early to conclude who has the majority seat," said Andi Arief. "Later, it will be seen who will receive 288 seats, at least the majority."

"From the sound, perhaps the majority coalition TKN, at least according to quick count. "The seats should be calculated first," he added.

Meanwhile, DPP chairman Jansen Sitindaon said the Jokowi coalition should not brag about the claim to dominate parliament. Jansen highlighted 5 pro-Jokowi parties that in the fast-count version were predicted not to move to the DPR. PDIP Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto is proud of the votes cast by Jokowi's people, who are expected to qualify for the DPR in a quick count of the 2019 legislative elections.

"In fact, in our opinion, Hasto should be in mourning or at least give up compared to feel so happy, because of the 10 parties that support Pak Jokowi, based on the research there was 5?, Hanura , PKPI, PSI, Perindo and PBB.Pak Jokowi is "politically lost" at the national level, with what would be celebrated? "Call Jansen.

"When we talked about the results of our parliamentary elections, the two coalition supporters felt more successful because of the 5 parties supporting Pak Prabowo, only 1 did not come to parliament, ie Working. So, in percentage terms, failure in our coalition was much lower than the 01. for the parliament, "explained Jansen.

Jansen asked Hasto to show a bit of empathy for other Jokowi carriers who did not qualify for the DPR's quick count version. According to him, this is the meaning of a comrade.

"So in our opinion, compared to the happy Hasto and proud to talk about KIK controlling 60.7 percent of seats in the DPR, he has better empathy with the coalition party that failed to reach parliament. Take pride in friends. He's a comrade, "Jansen said.

Earlier reported, Hasto exhibited internal QC for the 2019 legislative elections. Based on the internal QC, the KIK controlled more than 50% of seats in the DPR.

"The QC-based simulation we did in all the constituencies of the Republic of Indonesia, then the KIK has at least 349 seats or 60.7%, a support that will strengthen the presidential system. "Ruf Amin," said Hasto.

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