Sunday , October 24 2021

Can be seen with naked eyes, these are 5 interesting facts of the planet Jupiter

[ad_1], Jakarta Recently, there has been a very interesting and rare natural phenomenon. For those of you who love astronomy, of course this is one of the most eagerly anticipated people. Because the right night Monday (06/10/2019) The Planet Jupiter is in its closest position to Earth and can be seen with the naked eye.

According to scientists, this phenomenon occurs every year in which Jupiter, Earth and Sun are in a parallel position. Jupiter is rising as the sun begins to set and will continue to be seen until the sun rises. For those who are lucky, this phenomenon can be observed all over the world, including Indonesia.

You can see the phenomenon of seeing Planet Jupiter, even if it is not in the best position in the next few weeks. To see it, you need to face the sky in the southeast at 23:30 in the evening. Upon entering twilight, Jupiter will be seen in the southeast of the night sky.

If you still want to see this phenomenon perfectly, you can still enjoy the best moments of Jupiter by the end of July 2020. Before waiting for this phenomenon, it is best to first discover interesting facts about Jupiter. Next sums up 5 interesting Jupiter facts you should know on Tuesday (11/06/2019).

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