Burned Apple MacBook Pro Battery, your own included?


Weather, Jakarta Apple has recently released another surprising statement. After earlier, around the networked iPhone 5G that did not find a good point, this time they said they would remove the 15-inch MacBook Pro products from the market to be fixed.

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This withdrawal is related to batteries built into MacBook laptops, which are believed to cause a fire, because batteries are often too hot. (overheating).

But it was reported by support.apple.com, this did not happen in all 15-inch MacBook Pro, but only happened in part, namely the Retina MacBook Pro, which was produced between September 2015 and February 2017.

For users who are not familiar with the MacBook model, users can check by clicking "About this Mac" in the menu at the top left of the screen. If it is true that the MacBook model you own is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15 – Inch, Mid 2015), immediately record the serial number and insert it on support.apple.com.

If it is found that the model number of the model is intended, the user must follow the instructions for obtaining a replacement battery.

This step is a positive effort by the California company of the United States to its clients.

"Customer safety has always been Apple's top priority, and we have voluntarily decided to replace the affected battery at no cost," Apple said in a statement posted on its official website.



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