Belief in vaccines weakens


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LONDON – Trust in vaccines is of the highest level in poor countries, but weaker in rich countries.

France has the lowest confidence compared to other countries in the world in the safety and efficacy of vaccines. "A third of respondents in France believe the vaccine is not safe," the results of a recent study by experts and the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Public mistrust regarding vaccines means the world is taking a step back in combating deadly infectious diseases that have not been prevented. Experts warn that in recent research on public attitudes towards immunization. The data show low confidence in vaccination in various regions of the world.

The Wellcome Trust analysis looked at the responses of more than 140,000 people in more than 140 countries. The WHO also calls the faction doubt as one of the 10 biggest threats to global health.

This global survey revealed a number of people who claimed to believe only a little in the vaccination. "When asked whether the vaccine was safe, 79% said they strongly agreed, 7% said they were very unpleasant and 14% did not agree or disagreed," said the latest report, BBC

When asked if they believed the vaccine could work, 84% said they were very confident, 5% said they were very unsafe and 12% did not respond safely or not.

There is much scientific evidence that vaccination is the best defense against deadly infections, such as measles. Vaccines protect billions of people around the world. The vaccine eradicated one of the diseases, such as smallpox, and made the world almost eradicate other diseases, such as polio.

But some diseases like measles have increased and experts say some people avoid vaccines because they are worried and misinformed as one of the main reasons. (Syarifudin)



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