Beautiful student candidate Sandiaga Uno confesses to being requisitioned by the committee


Apparently Vincentia is not intentionally & # 39; applying & # 39; for Sandiaga to become a second wife

Dream – Some time ago, I was excited about a beautiful student who "asked" Sandiaga Uno if he could become the second wife of the vice presidential candidate. The woman named Vincentia, who ended up working as a model.

Unexpectedly because the question was blasphemed by many people. It is considered impolite and does not know ethics. This Yogyakarta woman has finally spread the word on the issue.

Apparently Vincentia is not intentionally & # 39; applying & # 39; so that Sandiaga becomes a second wife. He was invited by the events committee to ask questions to bring the atmosphere to life.

Clarification was revealed by Vincentia in a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

"I was invited by the committee to ask if I would become Mr. Sandiaga Uno's second wife. The impression was really that, but there I was joking." he said.

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