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Be careful, sleeping with lights can make you add fat Lo!


Sleeping with minimal lighting conditions brings many benefits. In addition to being able to improve the quality of sleep, you who sleep without light can also help reduce the risk of depression.

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In fact, sleeping with lights on or off depends on the habits of each person. But a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that sleeping with lights has a bad effect on the body.

Even in the study it was mentioned that sleeping with the light on in the room can make you gain weight. This is because the light that usually comes from the television, incandescent lights or cell phones can reduce melatonin production.

Although melatonin is useful for regulating the biological functions of the body. If your hormone melatonin is produced correctly, some of the diseases that may be present in the body can be turned off.

In addition, the presence of light during sleep can also disrupt the circadian rhythm and eating patterns. Circadian is a rhythm that is controlled by the body's biological clock, the presence of light can be a disturbance of the circadian rhythm, because light is one of the references to the biological clock of your body.

This, in turn, can affect the metabolic system of the body, so that the long-term effects can lead to obesity. Sleeping with the lights out is not bad either.

Danger of sleeping with light

There are many positive things that can be taken by turning off the lights during sleep. Now, here are some other effects if you still turn on the lights while you sleep, let's see!

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Breast cancer

What is the connection between breast cancer and light sleep? Yes, studies say sleeping in the presence of light confuses our bodies to regulate cell function.

As a result of the night when the body should make a tumor suppressor thick because the light results get thin.

Even if the body continues to feel "messy", it can worsen the tumor. In addition, when the body does not have the hormone melatonin, the body can not fight the cancer cells.

Women's Fertility

Sleeping with the lights on also affects the fertility of women. Based on research generated by epidemiology, women who have night hours have problematic menstrual circuits.

The study involved another 71,000 women working the night shift. Finally, the results of the study revealed that disorders caused by light and sleep cycles also awaken and irregularly affect the fertility of women.

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Type 2 diabetes

The results of a study published in the Journal of Chronobiology International explain that people with diabetes are exposed to clearer light for four hours before going to bed.

This exposure to light includes those obtained from television and cell phones because these electronic devices have been shown to be more suppressors of the hormone melatonin than other light sources.

Arterial hypertension

Sleeping with room lights can also trigger high blood pressure. So, you who enjoy light while you rest, begin to change those habits.

Because who does not want to be healthy? Almost all of us want a body that is always in shape. Therefore, start from sleep mode. Healthy sleep will make everything healthy.

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