Asked about the desire to report the nephew of the Mahfud MD, Moeldoko's response to the public being affected


Report of the journalist of, Rr Dewi Kartika H

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM – Vice President of the National Campaign Team Jokowi-Maruf Amin (TKN), Moeldoko was asked about the desire to report Dr. Mahfud's nephew, Hairul Anas Suaidi to the authorities.

This happened when Moeldoko became a resource person through a telephone connection on the Rosi program, Kompas TV, on Thursday (06/20/2019).

He then gave a successful response that made Rosi's audience laugh.

In the judgment of the dispute over the 2019 presidential election held by the Constitutional Court (MK), Hairul Anas revealed that he had received material from Moeldoko stating that fraud was part of democracy.

Moeldoko initially explained at the time that he was giving material to the witness of the National Campaign Team Jokowi-Maruf (TKN) Amin.

He then revealed the context of his statement in question at Hairul Anas Suaidi.

"So, first look at the context, the context is that I provide material for TKN witnesses," Moeldoko explained, quoted by

"I emphasize to them that a democracy that provides freedom can be very likely to occur fraud"

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