As Pelé in Santos, Messi must stay forever in Barcelona


Barcelona – Like Pelé in Santos, Lionel Messi should stay in Barcelona for a long time. The Argentine striker will be presented with a new contract in the near future.

Messi's contract will expire in 2021. Barcelona plans to add him again, amid the performance of La Pulga, which is on fire this season, which has scored 42 goals in 39 matches.

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu hopes that Messi can last forever at the Camp Nou. He imagined that Messi could be like Pelé, who was also almost throughout his career defending the Saints.

"We want to have a long career here so that we can continue to enjoy the game." Lionel Messi broke the barrier and everyone admired him and he is applauded in other stadiums as opposed to the fans. Bertomeu explained.

"We want to extend his contract, that's the plan, he's still young, you can see his performance and he still has two years of contract, he always develops and innovates."

"I'm sure he still has a lot of time and in a few months we'll sit down with him, so he has more years in Barcelona." Messi is a man from a club. last forever

"I have given an example of Pelé, who is always in Santos. We want Messsi to be always in Barcelona, ​​whether playing or being associated with the club." [saat sudah pensiun]", he hoped.

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