Apple is still tasty in the premium mobile segment of the world


Apple still savory in the world's premium mobile segment - JPNN.COM

Apple develops the glucose detection sensor. Wired photos – From the counterpoint research report related to the survey results throughout 2018, stated that Apple is still most sought after in the premium premium smartphone segment (prices above $ 400).

At Apple, there is Samsung with 22% market share, Huawei 10%, Oppo 6% and OnePlus 2%. This last mark is quite surprising to be able to get in the top five and this is the first time.

Two big players, Apple and Samsung, know that there was a drop in sales compared to the previous year (2017), reports the GSM Arena.

Also mentioned, the premium mobile phone market grew 14% in 2018, despite the global handset market having fallen.

An indication that consumers are still joining their choices to premium cell phones is because of the longer durability, even if they reserve more money.

This year, premium cell phones are also slated to grow, thanks to the trend of folding screen phones and 5G technology. (mg / lpnn)


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