Adu Acting with Reza Rahadian, Jessica Mila Feeling Nervous


JAKARTA, – Artist Jessica Milla admitted she was happy and nervous when she had a chance to compete with actor Reza Rahadian in the film Imperfect by Ernest Prakasa and Meira Anastasia.

This was said by Mila during a press conference featuring the actor Imperfect, in the Pondok Indah area, south of Jakarta, Thursday (06/20/2019).

"I was first told that the person who plays the character is Sis Reza, I happy that. So yes got excited This is definitely the beginning. nervous but also very happy, "Mila said.

"Because first there were reporters asking who they wanted to play with," I replied Kak Reza, seriously, "he continued.

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Though nervous, Jessica felt comfortable building chemistry with the cast of Boss Man in the movie My stupid boss that.

"The first time I met Kak Reza in the first reading, welcome really, it's great to be invited to a discussion, so admission can also be comfortable, "added film star Mata Batin.

Reza said, this was the first time he collided with Mila. Reza was surprised by Mila's seriousness in exploring his character.

"Yes, this is the first time, and thank God for being a third reading, We met, I surprise really that he's very serious, he's very focused on the character being played, "said Reza.

"I point to Mila in first reading while, immediately. So I'm confident enough to say that I'm sure we'll be able to do our best, God willing. "

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