Accused of violating the agreement, Baim Wong and Lucky Perdana were reported to the police


JAKARTA, – The role of the artist Muhammad Ibrahim or Baim Wong and Lucky Perdana was reported to the police because they considered violating a cooperation agreement with QQ Production, an artists' management.

In the numbered report LP / 2688 / V / 2019 / PMJ / Dit. Reskrimum, dated May 2, 2019, said Baim and Lucky caused immaterial and material losses of approximately $ 100 million.

"Bao said:" Ah I'm not a candidate "continues to disappear," said QQ production lawyer. "There have been promises, a number of words from Baim and Lucky. Didit Wijayanto when met at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Station in South Jakarta Thursday (05/02/2019).

"With him saying he's not a candidate, it could be classified as a trick," Didit said.

In addition, they said that Didit, Baim, and Lucky also pledged to divide the income of the honorary membership into certain party activities if they did not progress as candidates and were only party artists.

His party suspects Baim still receives fees as a participant of the event, although he is not canceled as a candidate.

Didit said that Baim has not yet complied with the initial agreement as discussed earlier, as did Lucky.

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"As if he were not a legislative candidate, there was no project, even if it was not." The project was what he would receive (honor) from the party, from which he filled out the events. rate"He pledged to give at least 10% (to the management in question)," he said.

Although he did not include a written agreement, Didit was sure that the available evidence was sufficient to expose Baim and Lucky for the losses suffered by his client.

"There is no need to have an agreement.Where to say that there is an agreement? Civil law does not need to have an agreement.There are commitments, there are facts, we submit it as evidence.There is chat communication.We gave yesterday, we explained repeatedly, he said.

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