Wednesday , April 21 2021

A man named Ahok movie translates into a million viewers, Tuta Putrama says thanksgiving

Report from journalist, Bayu Indra Permana

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Putrama Tuta as the director of the film A Man Called Ahok expressed gratitude for the completion of his latest work.

Because the movie, starring Daniel Mananta as the main character Ahok. Now the audience has reached a million viewers.

Tuta, the director's nickname, said that if this ignition was the result of the collaboration between the entire production team and filmmaker A Man Called Ahok.

"I thank God, I'm typically so premiere that I do not want to know, and I have news (one million viewers) thank God," said Pututa Tuta when he met in the Senayan area in central Jakarta on Sunday, 11/2018).

"This movie is doing a lot, all my friends who gave their hard work could feel that the films they make can reach the public. I hope they continue to increase," he added.

Tuta felt a sense of happiness. But as a craftsman, especially in Indonesian cinema, he does not want to be complacent.

For him, this is a trigger for continuing to do better jobs.

"If I'm happy, I have to do it, but if I'm satisfied, I can not do it, I have to keep building, so what else can we do," he said.

Released on November 8, 2018. A movie called The Mane of Ahok was well received by the people of Indonesia.

Filmya talks about Ahok's family life and the relationship between Ahok and his father. Now he has been watched by over a million people.

Legend: Putrama Tuta as the director of the movie A Man Called Ahok when he met in the Senayan area in central Jakarta on Sunday (11/18/201)

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