A ban on Irish Bella for Ammar Zoni after the wedding, reasons for not updating Instagram?


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Prohibition of Irish Bella for Ammar Zoni after marriage, reasons not to update Instagram?

The figure of Ammar Zoni before marrying the Irish Bella was known to be quite active in playing social media, including Instagram.

But since she married and was the husband of Irish Bella, Ammar Zoni is spelled very rarely in her personal update on Instagram.

This heightens the curiosity among the fans for the reason of Ammar Zoni, who rarely updates photos and videos with the Irish Bella.

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At a live opportunity on Instagram, the video is now spread across multiple Instagram accounts, fans of Ammar and Ibel, one of them is iirishbellaa,

Ammar Zoni also revealed the reason behind this action.

Even Brother Aditya Zoni admitted that he rarely played gadgets or cell phones.

Did Ammar Zoni ban the use of social media by his wife, the Irish Bella?

The video shows Ammar Zoni and Irish Bella doing live Instagram.

Ammar Zoni and Irish Bella
Ammar Zoni and Irish Bella (@irishbella instagram)

In the video, Ammar Zoni is seen wearing a brown shirt.


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