Saturday , March 6 2021

7 of the most controversial apps ever on Android – Android is one of the open source operating systems (OS), allowing users to perform various activities. This includes downloading and installing any app from the Google Play Store or third-party services.

But you know, there are some apps that have a "banned" label. Even the application queue is the most controversial application that had been viral and caught the eye of Indonesians and global surfers.

Here we summarize the 7 most controversial applications that have ever existed on Android.

Between the millennium generation, this Sarahah application was viral and was widely used in late 2017. But it turns out that many are wrong to use it and find it to be similar to the ASKfm application.

So what is the real function of the Sarahah application?

According to the developer, the Sarahah app itself means honesty in Arabic.

This Sarahah application is used to give advice and criticism in an anonymous format and is commonly used by workers and professionals.

The next most controversial application attracted the attention of Indonesian Internet users.

Circulated in the Google Play Store, this app has become a means to find partners for users who wish to practice polygamy.

With more than 50,000 downloads, the AyoPoligami application is still available in the Play Store, but many receive negative reviews.

I-Doser also became a controversial application because it was claimed to be an "online drug." That said, using this app, you might be blown away.

In fact, the iDoser application is used to stimulate the human brain with binaural sound waves.

Misuse will actually make the effect of dependence more than the benefits to one's health.

Who does not know this app? With a variety of unique filters and stickers, Snapchat is a social media application that can not be separated from your mandatory list.

So what makes Snapchat controversial?

It is an "Anime" feature that is considered offensive to physical characters, especially Asians.

There is also the "Bob Marley" feature which emphasizes marijuana life compared to reggae music.

Post 7 of the most controversial applications that ever existed on Android first appeared in Signal Magazine.

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